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Flair's Studio

Flair Robinson is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with up-cycled materials and found objects. She is informally educated, collecting knowledge from the traditional to the unusual, and is most influenced by visionary

and self-taught art, the obscure and the eccentric. 


Robinson is a colorist, and is fascinated by the endless combinations

of varying hues. She is most interested in colors commonly found in the 1940’s through the1960’s. Many of the materials that she uses in her work come from these eras. She states, ” I believe that each bit of junk creates a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. The pieces have lived their own lives and have their own energy; they have the power to take us back in time and to bring up memories”.


Robinson works intuitively and viscerally.

Many of her creative concepts come to her in her dreams.


Pictured here is Robinsons' studio located in Telluride, Colorado

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